The struggle is real.

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When God is calling you toward something through your passions, you might have doubt, you probably won't know how it will ever work, you might have fears, you will be opposed from within and without, you might be cynical or even laugh at the thought - a ton of contradictory emotions and thoughts might spin wildly in your mind and heart. . .BUT. . . find your encourager, even if there is only 1 in your life, tune everything else out, and keep moving forward. Each step you take in faith will reveal more faith building "coincidences" otherwise known as miracles. The good stuff God has for you on this path is out there on the path, but you have to take the next step sometimes to be blessed with the gifts He places out there, just beyond where you can see. That's how God entices us to exercise our very little, tiny faith. Like tiny breadcrumbs, barely enough to sustain you, but enough to know it's right. Move forward. Take 1 more step. It's out there ahead of you - almost always beyond what you can see, perhaps beyond what you can believe. Use your mustard seed of faith. It's enough. Take the next step. Be courageous. I am writing this to myself at this season in life - and I know there are others out there whose hearts are being tugged by passions God placed in your hearts - passions that you might have stifled, buried, forgotten, or even put to death long ago. Childhood dreams. Years, even decades ago. You're not too young, you're not too old. Because if God is calling you to it, He will help you overcome every limitation. This is the journey of awe. Step out. Do 1 thing today that shows you believe in the passion and dream God has placed in you. Even if all you can do is nod your head in agreement that the passion is inside of you. Agree that it is there. That is the first step. Acknowledge it. Sometimes that is the hardest step. The world around you is waiting to see God do amazing things through your small, daily steps of faith. - Aaron