Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

lemon-essential-oil-picture Lemon essential oil, in it's 100% food / therapeutic grade form has many discovered benefits and uses, and many more uses that have yet to be fully discovered and utilized in cooking, medicine, homeopathic benefits, disease treatment and prevention, animal disease prevention and treatment, and overall well being.


Lemon Essential Oil that is 100% pure and therapeutic or food grade contains a high amount of the completely natural chemical known as limonene.   It is limonene that gives lemon essential oil such a wide array of uses, benefits and applications for the body, mind, and household.  Lemon essential oil is also very inexpensive when compared to some other, more exotic essential oils, and therefore should be a staple in the essential oil savvy home and homeopathic "first aid kit".
Limonene has many benefits and uses, and is even somehow linked to possible cancer prevention as well as undiscovered potantial cancer treatments, although it's benefits are not yet completely known or researched according to WebMD.
lemon-essential-oil-limoneneThe IUPAC name (for you chemistry geeks out there) is 1-Methyl-4-(1-methylethenyl)-cyclohexene ( a terpene that can be purely distilled at lower temperatures or centrifugally separated from the rinds of lemons and other citrus fruits) and is an organic chemical contained in large amounts in the rind of the lemon (and other citrus fruits).
Limonene is commonly found in some cosmetic products, purfumes, aftershaves, bathing products, and others that require the strong citrus scent as part of their overall efferbescence.  It is also used in a lot of different food manufacturing and medicines to mask bitter flavors.  Limonene can also be used as an insecticide while still being safely used in hand cleaners and other cleaning, grease-cutting applications around the household.   Additionally, the d-limonene form has been proven useful in relieving GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and heartburn with many individuals.
Many people are turning to essential oils for low and non-toxic alternatives to many industrial household tonics, agents, cleaners, antiseptics and grease cutters, and Lemon Essential Oil is one of the most universal and inexpensive essential oils for those looking to grow their natural home essential oil collection.
limonene-lemon-essential-oil-skinLimonene is also very abundant as a natural byproduct and natural, renewable resource from orange juice manufacturing, and is proving to be very useful for cutting through oil and grease in the home or in maufacturing and machine parts.  It can also be used in combination with other chemicals for natural air fresheners, paint stripping, alternatives to turpentine, as a solvent in some glues and as an important chemical component in some paints.  In some concentrations, it can also be used as a bio-fuel because it is also combustible (not lemon oil alone, but limonene).  Limonene also works in the body and binds to receptors in certain cells to promote the release of adenosine, which is directly related to humans feeling calm and sedated, so it is evident that lemon essential oil may work in the body to help reduce the sense of stress and bring calming effects when affecting adenosine.
There is no evidence of toxicity in humans, and although in high and prolonged exposure, limonene can be irritating to skin and the respiratory system, it is thought to be directly helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancers, although there is no direct proof of it preventing or curing any cancers.  
Limonene, being one of the main active bio-chemicals in lemon essential oil, is perhaps one of those natural chemicals that scientists have still not fully appreciated, tested or understood in terms of all the potential benefits to human health and disease prevention.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil, because it contains a high amount of limonene and other components, has many uses and benefits outside of the human body as well as within and on the human body.  Learning to use it sparingly and wisely can bring individuals many benefits that are non-toxic, and we will go into detail on many of those benefits.

Lemon Oil Benefits

lemon-essential-oil-benefitsThe benefits of lemon essential oil are not all fully understood, but many homeopathic doctors as well as medical doctors have used it and have also recommended their patients use it for its many benefits and low to non-toxic, natural nature.  Most side-effects of pharmaceuticals come from the fact that natural chemicals are combined and synthesized, even altered so that they are no longer natural, and can be patented.  When these pharmacologist manipulate natural chemcicals, they alter them in such a way that the body and organs have more difficult times processing them and using them, while also creating non-natural by-products which often lead to the side-effects.  
This reality of man-made drugs and side effects perpetuates the appeal for people to continue to find more naturally occuring chemicals and essential oils and using them as preventive and dietary supplements versus turning to synthetic, manipulated chemicals that can then be patented and sold at a high profit.  Also, because naturally occuring essential oils and phytochemicals cannot be patented because they were not created or altered in a lab, there is not nearly as much potential for financial reward for pharmaceutical companies to gain.  The direct link between financial gain and man-made, patented pharmaceuticals cannot be ignored as a possible confound for scientists seeking out more natural preventives and curing agents through naturally occuring essential oils and phytochemicals.  
However, more and more MDs and medically trained professionals are beginning to realize and recommend the benefits of essential oils and naturally occuring phytochemicals as preventive and healing assistive agents helping the body to heal of infections, diseases and injuries more naturally.  

Lemon Oil Uses

Lemon essential oil can be used for a multitude of things both for the body, mind and mood as well as household and other industrial uses.  Learning to use 100% pure therapeuic grade lemon essential oil properly and in balance is the key in finding personal bodily and household benefits.
Uses for Lemon Essential Oil include many of the following applications, but are not limited to them, as people continue to discover benefits.  By the time this article is published, many more potential uses and benefits of lemon essential oil will be undoubtedly be tested and discovered.
Disclaimer that we must post:  * These statements about lemon essential oil have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

Lemon Oil for Skin 

Although for some in high concentrations, lemon essential oil can be an irritant for skin and respiratory organs, it has high anti-septic effects and can be used to cleanse the hands and skin in non-sensitive individuals.  It may also be effective in treating minor skin infections and bacteria-based acne blemishes.  Be sure to test a little diluted in purified water before using it on a larger scope.

Lemon Oil for Wood 

Wood furniture can be sanitized as well as cleansed and polished with lemon essential oil.  Test on a small, inconspicuous area first to see the results before using it on a major wood table, furniture or other household appliance.

Lemon Oil for Silver Polish

Lemon essential oil can be used to bring back some silver utensils or other dining-ware, even old jewelry back to life as it helps get rid of tarnish. 

Lemon Oil for Acne

Lemon essential oil containing limonene has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is also an astringent.   Astringents tighten the skin or cause it to "contract" making it more difficult for bacteria to invade the oil rich pores.  It also has an ability to cut and cleanse oils and greases, even those naturally occuring on the skin.  Since many forms of acne are caused by bacteria feeding on oils secreted by sebaceous glands in the skin, lemon essential oil used in moderation can cleanse some of the oil from the skin gently, while also neutralizing the bacteria that feeds on the skin's oils.  Lemon essential oil has been used with baking soda and honey to help gently cleanse and nourish the skin while safely killing bacteria.

Lemon Oil for Hair

Skin and hair are very similar.  Hair can be fortified with the regular use of lemon essential oil after shampooing.  Using an all natural shampoo with lavender or lemon oil can also help reduce the damage done to the scalp and hair from synthetic foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or Sodium Laureth Sulfate).   Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to the fingers to work through the hair and scalp after shampoo use but before a final rinse can help fortify hair and make it shiny and more sanitary.

Lemon Oil for Cleaning

Lemon Essential Oil has been used for its limonene content as an industrial cleaner and degreaser, as well as around the home as a degreaser and non-toxic disinfectant.  When people use man-made household cleaners that kill germs, often those chemicals have long-term harmful toxicity and potential side effects.  Replacing your household cleaner with concoctions of vinegar, water and lemon oil can help reduce your home's use of toxic chemicals for cleaning the surfaces of counters, windows, doors, door knobs, and many other hard surfaces that need sanitized on a regular basis.   Using a normal size spray bottle, try mixing 50% water, 50% vineger and 10 to 20 drops of lemon essential oil.  Not only will this leave your windows shiny and non-streaky, but it will kill surface germs as well.  Test this concoction on some safe surfaces and see for yourself!  No only will your home smell clean and be more germ-free, you will also have an easier conscience knowing that you are not exposing your family to a lot of man-made toxic cleaners and un-natural chemicals.

Lemon Oil for Furniture

You may have noticed that many commercial furniture polishes boast using lemon or giving your furniture a "lemon shine".  Why not cut down on the other propellants and waxes that are used in those polishes and try pure essential lemon oil.  Not only will this help protect and preserve the wood, it will also sanitize the wood surfaces.  As always, be sure to test this on a small, hidden spot first.

Lemon Oil for Weight Loss

Lemon Essential Oil has been used in aiding people during weight-loss programs and regimens because of it's ability to energize the mind and body, while providing some appetite supression and metabolism boosting.  Putting 2 to 3 drops of 100% food/therapeutic grade lemon essential oil in your water 3 times a day can help support your metabolism and weight loss program, if you are eating a healthy and balanced diet.  Additionally, some weight gain issues are related to poor intestinal fuana and flora, (parasitic strains of bacteria and other micro-organisms from a poor diet) and utilizing 100% ingestible, food grade lemon essential oil along with proper probiotics can help to restore the proper intestinal balance and aid in proper digestion / nutrition, which in turn affects our metabolism and weight management issues.

Lemon Oil for Cold Sores

Some people have listed lemon essential oil, among other essential oils in a mix to help alleviate the pain from cold sores, while disinfecting the cold sore area and fighting off the virus.  It is true that many essential oils, including lemon oil, have anti fungal, anti-bacterial and anti viral properties.  When used in combination with other essential oils, one can create powerful remedies that are non-toxic and effective.  
To get a complete guide to essential oil uses and aromatherapy around the home, including some great home recipes for all kinds of ailments and practical uses, check out The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy on Amazon here.
This book recommends a great blend of lemon oil, tea tree oil, chamomile, geranium and lavender essential oil to help treat cold sores and you can find it along with many other great recipes here.

Lemon Oil for the Face

Lemon essential oil can be used as an astringent on the face, in diluted amounts, whether someone has acne or not.  It not only has great anti-septic properties, but when diluted and tested, one can safely use it as a non-toxic tonic for the face, hands and hair.  It leaves a nice, refreshing, clean shine to the hair and a natural glow to the facial skin, as well as fortifying the skin with anti-oxidant properties.  
*A bit of caution - Lemon oil is photo-toxic and can cause skin sensitivity when it is exposed to sunlight, so be cautious and wear cover within 12 to 24 hours of using lemon essential oil and being exposed to sunlight.

Lemon Oil for Warts

Some references have said that lemon essential oil can be effective over a several week period at reducing warts and eliminating them.  From the website, LiveStrong, it is recommended that Lemon Oil can be used to speed up the body's natural healing process in fighting off warts due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.  As always, use only as recommended by your doctor.

Lemon oil for Kidney Stones

It is unclear if lemon essential oil can be used to help alleviate kidney stones.  Many people who have been diagnosed with kidney stones have used regimens of lemon juice, water and olive oil and swear by its effectiveness at helping pass and break up small kidney stones at their beginning stages.  Whether lemon essential oil can aid in this process is uncertain.

Lemon Oil for Cellulite

Lemon essential oil has helped some women reduce the appearance of cellulite when used regularly with a mixed in equal parts with Orange Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil, and Cypress Essential Oil.   All of these should be 100% therapeutic grade of course, as anything less would not be pure quality.  They should also be tested as pure essential oils are very potent and can cause irritation for some with sensitive skin.
Lemon essential oil has been linked to improving micro-circulation, stimulating the circulatory system, and helping to strengthen vascular tissues, which all can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The main reasons cellulite appears in women is based on how the deep fatty tissues and the surrounding collagen structures are built versus men.  In women, fat (adipose) tissue structures are stored between deep pillar-like collagen structures, as revealed by MRI studies, giving rise to the appearance of cellulite.  Also, increased cortisol from stress and lifestyle, as well as destruction of connective tissues from increased fat deposits, weakened connective tissue support, and decreased circulation give rise to cellulitis.  Some ways to combat cellulitis would include the reduction of body fat, reduction of inflammation and stress which releases cortisol in the body, as well as reducing water retention and detoxing on a regular basis.  Also, regularly using the concoction of lemon essential oil, Cypress Oil, Juniper and Orange essential oils has helped some women reduce the appearance of cellulite while also working on a balanced diet and reducing stress and bodily toxins through safe and natural detoxification methods.  As always, be sure to consult your physician before working through any of these methods or ideas.

Lemon Oil for Gout

Lemon Essential Oil, along with a complete regimen, has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of gout in some individual testimonials.  Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the system, and when this uric acid collects in the joints and crystallizes, it creates the gout response (swollen, inflamed joints).  Some people have successfully alleviated pain from gout by first soaking the area in cool water then drying the skin.  Next, they would apply peppermint and/or frankincense with lemon oil and/or lavender essential oil and applied a gentle heating pad.  Utilizing a few drops 3 times a day of 100% food grade lemon oil in drinking wate with a low inflammatory type diet can also help prevent flare ups from gout, as the lemon oil helps in reducing inflammation in the body, as well as working as an anti-oxidant, while helping to flush out the lymphatic system. 
Another gout recipe for skin application only (not for ingestion), we read from another person who actually has gout and does not sell essential oils.  He stated that this mixture, when applied on the gout inflamed areas, have given him consisten relief day after day (with re-application in the mornings and evenings).  
His gout recipe was:
10 drops lemon
4 drops juniper
3 drops melaleuca
2 drops roman chamomile
We cannot personally vouch for this combination and have no experience with gout personally, but if you are a reader of this post and do experience a working recipe to reduce the pain and inflammation of gout that includes lemon essential oil, please share it with us!

Lemon Oil for Allergies

Each fall and spring, I personally get flare ups from allergens and different blooms, pollens and molds (as do countless millions of other people).  One great combination of daily essential oils either via a capsule or in drinking water a few times a day include 100% therapeutic (food grade) Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils (which I simply call my LLP mixture).   Lavender has strong anti-histamine as well as anti-inflammatory properties.  It also has been shown to slow down the physiological nerve response which can be associated with aggravating pain caused from allergy flare ups (as well as sore muscles and other nerve inflammation).   Peppermint helps improve circulation as well as open up airways that are inflammed from allergens.  Lemon Oil helps in this mixture to also reduce inflammation and cut through mucous build up.  In combination, the LLP mix is a great natural way to reduce symptoms and issues with seasonal allergies.  Be sure to only get 100% food grade essential oils and to do small tests before applying or taking any internally.  Many essential oils are not food grade and you must be sure not to use too much in any 1 day, as essential oils are very potent when 100% pure.
Thank you for reading our post on Lemon Essential Oil, Limonene and uses.  If you know of other lemon essential oil uses, please share them in the comment box below!
We will be adding to this page and updating it as we learn more about the many benefits and uses for Lemon Essential Oil.

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