Lavender Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and much more

5 Everyday Lavender Oil Uses for Hair, Skin and other Topical Applications 

Although Lavender Oil has been used for centuries for all kinds of therapeutic remedies, its uses typically fall into 1 of 3 categories:  

  • Topical Applications (Skin and Hair)
  • Aromatherapy Applications (inhaling, diffusing and smelling)
  • Ingesting Applications (adding to food and drink to take internally)

In this fun and helpful household article (one that caring moms and dads can appreciate), we will talk about share some of the pros and cons of Lavender Oil being used for things like:

  • acne treatment
  • healthy hair
  • infections
  • cuts
  • bruises
  • and other topical benefits

Though Lavender Oil is not a "cure all", it certainly has its place in the common house as one of the most useful and essential of all essential oils for every day, household use.  We like it in our house because it really can help with a lot of different things, from calming our little ones before bed to safely cleansing minor cuts and scratches, to even giving our laundry a nice, safe, fragrant lift while killing germs in the fabrics.  There are so many uses for Lavender Oil around the house that it is difficult to sum up in 1 article, but we did that here with over 50 uses for Lavender Oil if you want to check it out some time.  Following are several ways that Lavender Oil can be used and tested to help with skin, hair and other topical treatments and applications.

1) Lavender Oil for Acne -  We all know what acne is.  It is that horrible, face threatening monster that creeps up on us as teenagers and tries to steal our sense of social worth.  For some of us 30 and 40 somethings, the bugger never seemed to leave.  When we were teenagers, it is now laughable (well, maybe with a few tears from painful memories) of how it always seemed that the big pimples and other acne always seemed to know just the right time to sabotage your face before a school picture or big social function.  And though Lavender Oil is not a "cure-all" for all of the acne problems of the world, for some people it can be a remarkable remedy, but it should be tested for a few weeks in different dilutions on minor spots of the skin to make sure it does not cause more irritation than remedy.   A very small percent of people react adversely to some essential oils, just like they would any environmental allergies.  

Acne forms when sebaceous skin glands (oil glands under the skin) are actively producing oils that come through the skin pores (YUCK!).  Then, bacteria come along and begin to feed on the oil (DOUBLE YUCK), creating a local infection.  When your immune system's white blood cells (known as Phagocytes) begin to feed on the bacteria and oil to protect your body from the foreign invasion, you get the nasty white substance we call pus (TRIPLE YUCK).  Using Therapeutic / Pharmaceutical Grade (100 % pure) Lavender Oil would be the best way to test this treatment on the skin.  Other, lower grades of Lavender Oil may not be safe for skin and certainly not for internal use.  Lavender's natural and safe anti-microbial effects can knock down a significant amount of bacterial activity on the skin, thereby reducing the amount of pus and acne for some people.  

However, if too much is used or if a person's skin is too sensitive for Lavender Oil, they may have an adverse reaction whereby the skin will over-react and produce more oil.   Thought this is not likely, it is best to test small areas of acne over inconspicuous areas of the skin for a week or two before taking larger leaps of faith and applying it to the entire face.  Also, if it is too strong in concentrated form, it can be diluted with a few drops of distilled water before application.  It can also be tested with spot treatments on a particular blemish for a few days to see if the redness, infection and swelling diminish or vanish.  Some people with cystic acne that build large cysts under the skin also claim that it can get rid of these oil cysts over a period of days because the lavender oil will penetrate under the skin and knock out the bacteria causing the infection.  If you suffer from cysts like this occasionally, give your acne spot treatment daily until it shrinks up and disappears.  Try it out conservatively at first, and always do any kind of treatment under the supervision of your doctor.

2) Lavender Oil for Hair Care  -  There are so many different claims on the market for both natural and man-made hair care products, often using the name of a famous designer to carry the often over-priced mark up for the product.  The best thing to do is some research and a little testing on your own hair.  For centuries, natural and essential oils have been used, even back in Biblical times, to promote healthy radiant skin and hair.  Modern day chemists often start with natural ingredients, but then manipulate them in laboratories to make "Frankenhair" products that can obtain patents (so they can charge more money).  Often times, natural is always better and with better long-term rewards.  Lavender Essential oil has been know to promote beautiful shiny, healthy hair and beautiful, clean skin but it may take  several weeks of hair treatment to truly appreciate the benefits of lavender oil for the hair.  100% Pure Therapeutic Lavender oil can be infused into shampoo, and bring strength to the hair while also balancing the oil production (sebum) from the sebaceous glands in the scalp that are also responsible for oily hair, flaking skin and some dandruff issues.  Lavender infused in a natural shampoo and used daily as a hair cleanser, toner, and as a scalp massage can bring wonderful long-term benefits.

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss and growth condition where the hair comes out in patches and can leave embarrassing bald spots on the scalp.  Some people have benefited greatly with daily massages of Lavender oil on the scalp to promote clean follicles, hair growth and stimulation of blood flow to areas of the scalp to improve hair growth.  Pure Essential Lavender Oil is a natural emmenagogue (promotes blood flow to the pelvic area for women) and this feature can also help on other areas of the body when applied and massaged consistently, daily over a period of weeks and months. In addition to promoting blood flow and healthy skin and hair, it also safely kills microbes (without man-made chemicals) which can cause a lot of other issues such as oil production and acne under the hair. 

Some simple recipes for hair care are:

Healthy Hair Growth and Stimulation: Add 10 drops Lavender Oil, 10 drops Rosemary Oil and 5 drops Basil Oil and massage them into your scalp daily for several minutes, especially covering the affected areas of hair loss or hair issues.  Be sure to carry this out over a longer period of weeks or months if you have major issues with your hair in order to see the best, long-term results.

Itchy, Dry Scalp:  Combine oatmeal paste with 5 to 10 drops of Lavender oil and massage it into your scalp.  The combination of colloids from the oatmeal and the Lavender Oil can work wonders for dry, itchiness.  You may also need to stop using man-made salon shampoos for a while to see if some of the ingredients like Sodium-lauryl-sulfate are causing your skin to dry out and flake up.  

3) Lavender Oil for Ringworm - our little 2 year old came down with a suspicious, red-like ring, about the size of a quarter, just under the belt line of her diaper several months ago.  We did a little research and, sure enough, it was ringworm.  Ringworm is a fungal infection that infects the sub-dermal and dermal layers of the skin and it creates itchy, ring-shaped infected spots.  We decided to test Lavender on this ringworm spot.  We simply applied a drop of Pure Lavender oil on the spot, once or twice daily and rubbed it in.  In 3 to 4 days, the ringworm was completely gone!  Because of the natural anti-microbial effects, Lavender can gently kill many fungi and bacteria safely and effectively.  

4) Cleansing cuts and minor skin wounds -  Healthy skin is part of our first line of defense from outside germs and infections.  Whenever it becomes scratched or cut, microbes can penetrate the skin and begin to grow into infections.  Though there are many over the counter topical applications like Neosporin and other man-made antibiotics and gels, pure, therapeutic essential lavender oil is one of the best, non-toxic and safest topicals to apply to minor cuts and scrapes for kids "boo boos" and adult household accidents.    

5)  Lavender Oil for Massage and Relaxation - Lavender oil not only has wonderful aromas that promote stability in the mind and relaxation from an over-stimulated nervous system, it can also help muscles and nerves to relax and slow a bit in order to promote relaxation.  Lavender oil can be added to a nice hot bath, or used in conjunction with Coconut Oil as a carrier oil for massaging into sore, tense muscles.  Many fine companies also produces a wonderful Lavender Massage Oil that is pre-blended, pure and wonderfully effective.  Very little can go a long way as it is a proprietary blend of many essential oils that promote blood flow, loosening of the muscles and relaxation through topical application as well as the aromatherapy that occurs as a natural by-product of using the oil topically.  (Look for other oils in these blends, or create your own blends with other great oils like like Fractionated Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (grape) seed oil, Citrus Reticulata (tangerine) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, Mentha Piperita (peppermint) oil, Mentha Spicata (spearmint) leaf oil, Aniba Rosaeodora (rosewood) wood oil, Cananga Odorata flower oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) germ oil, Prunus Amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, and Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil.)

The uses for Pure, essential Lavender oil is seemingly endless.  These 5 only begin to scratch the surface of the potential uses for Lavender oil around the home.  You can read our popular article on 50 Uses for Essential Lavender Oil here.

If you would like to buy Lavender oil that is in its purest form, we recommend 100% Pure Therapeutic essential oils over other lower grades and those found in stores. Also, it is highly concentrated so where other brands require much more oil to achieve similar results, and most are not able to be ingested (taken internally), Therapeutic Pharmaceutical grade oil is 100% pure and only a few drops will go a long way.

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