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Something happens when you finally realize that you are known.

You walk differently. You talk differently. Things just look different. Everything seems to be more colorful that first day.

I think it is like being in love. If you have ever been in love; do you remember when you first got bit? You know by the love bug. You had a swagger, a look about you. There was an excitement about you in the air, an anticipation.

There is a room in my house that is "my room". It is the laundry room. I wasn't able to have a garden this year and I love flowers. So I decided to make my own wallpaper. Flower wall paper! I clip flowers out of magazines and place them ever so carefully on the wall in "my room".

I told my daughter recently that the flowers are in my heart. This little hobby of mine is an expression of what is in my heart and how I feel. My garden is perfect and it will never die. I know every little detail, every color,every bare spot (even spots so small that no one else can notice). It is my handiwork. It is an expression of my heart. I love it! I know it! I did it! I had a great idea!

These are the very things that I keep saying over and over right after I shout, "I AM KNOWN!" I am known!! I am loved!! I am loved! I am known! He created me! I am an expression of His heart! He enjoys me! He had a great idea and I am His handiwork! He knows my quirks, my thoughts, my desires, my pleasures and He knows my dreams.

He knows my heart.

He knows me.

I am known.