About Jen

Hello friends,

It is a pleasure to be able to take my ideas and little pleasures and share them with you. It has been on my mind (since we are going to be good friends) to tell you just a little about me. I also want to introduce to you my little family. I am married with 3 girls and they are all just wonderful. 5 years ago I found out that we were going to have a baby. This was after 2 miscarriages. I must tell  you the truth. I was excited but terrified. Everyday I held my breath until she was born and I saw for myself that she was ok.

When I was several months pregnant with Grace I found out that I had gestational diabetes. That scared me. I didn't know anything about it. It was never an issue. Noone that I knew had ever told me anything about it. I began doing what I do best. Researching. I made several trips to the library and picked up books. I educated myself and changed everything about everything. I changed how I ate and how much as well as how often I ate. Long story short after pricking my fingers 100 times a day, counting carbs and everything that I thought I was doing right I committed to exercising daily. At least I would start with 10 minutes of walking.

I made it through the pregnancy with a healthy baby and was able to keep my numbers under control. I even lost weight. 4 weeks after I had my baby I was working out at Curves. That also helped me with all of my post traumatic problems. I had post baby everything along with post traumatic everything.

Exercise! Eat well! Hydration! Pray! I mean we do take care of our vehicles. Right?

2 years later I found out..pregnant again with Joy! This time I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes again!? Yep, again. However. Something was different this time. I only tested positive on the glucose test. You know the one that all women have to do when they get pregnant. After that I never had another high number. My specialist said...go home, don't come back, your numbers are perfect.

This was the most beautiful and perfect pregnancy. I will tell you what I did different. A year before I got pregnant we stopped eating meat. I read Dean Ornish and we changed everything. While pregnant with Joy I cut out processed foods along with fat. If I sauteed anything, I did it in veggie broth. I lost weight, I looked great and my numbers were well. . . I think the test was wrong. My baby was healthy and beautiful. They were both small.

Rachel just turned 16. She is a joy and brings so much beauty to my life.

Over the years I have developed a love for nutrition and healthy eating. I love my husband and my children. I love the fact that God has given us everything we need and we do not have to sacrifice our health because we are limited on time. It isn't too expensive to eat right. Cutting out gluten was not difficult. My kids are adjusting and we are all happy eaters.

Also, I just turned 40 and as much as I would love to go to college and get a degree in culinary nutrition. . . it isn't going to happen. Also I don't need too. God has given me a strong mind and I love to learn. I hope that I will be open for the rest of my life to what He wants to teach me.

I love to travel too, so you will hear about that. I love gardening, flowers and herbs. We use and love essential oils.

I am a candle lover and a PartyLite candle consultant. I love music and so many things in life. . . too many to mention.

My husband and I are both extremely creative and love to share our little hobbies.

I hope that this website will bless you. I am so glad that you have decided to join me. Will you save me as one of your favorites and come for a visit often. There will be many times when we can sit and chat over a cup of coffee. Maybe just a glass of water but regardless. . .

I am so glad that you are here!